To be honest, I was somewhat dubious about the process of mediation. You have changed my mind on this. You exhibited extreme patience and courtesy in your dealings on this matter. In what could have possibly been a very volatile situation, you managed to keep all parties on course to come to what I think was an agreeable compromise. I fully intend to commit myself to any such process in the future, should the need arise. Thanks to your tireless efforts, you have averted a long and disagreeable court process for all concerned.
- Steven Love

You conducted the meeting in a professional yet warm manner, which encouraged cordial and honest conversation, which in turn successfully reopened communication between the two parties. You did a great job of keeping everyone focused on the issue and suggesting solutions to the problems. I especially liked how you started the meeting off by focusing everyone’s attention on ways to handle the dispute in the future and not to dwell on past experiences or resentments. We were pleased both with the way you handled the situation and with the resolution that was drafted. I believe that everyone walked away from the meeting feeling optimistic about coexisting peacefully. We truly appreciate your time and effort. Once again, thank you for a job well done.
- Maxwell and Mounia Muse

You might evaluate your work within the parameters of academics, but we must place it within the realm of a blessing from the highest authority. It is truly amazing how the mediation process in the hands of an expert craftsman, such as yourself, can bring about in three hours, a mutually acceptable resolution to the issues that had held us in conflict for five years. Many facets of expertise come into play in your line of work. On a scale of 1 to 10, your performance merits a 10 on every one of them.
- Raul and Eloise Dickinson Cano

You were quite instrumental to the success of the outcome. Your goal of solidifying a resolution was certainly met by being a fair, compassionate mediator. We reached an equitable agreement in a stressful situation. Thank you, Talin, for your hard work and dedication.
- Maria Garcia

This was my first mediation experience and I was surprised that it went better than I had expected. You were really quite skilled, and your professionalism and dedication to the process gained the trust of us all very quickly. You kept the focus on the issues and worked methodically to help us reach an agreement. Because you took everyone's concerns seriously, we have an agreement that feels thorough, strongly addresses a solution to the problem, and has every opportunity to succeed. Thanks Talin, for working hard to resolve our case.
- Eric Mooneyham

I feel that you were fair with both parties, and listened to and understood both sides equally. You displayed both patience and understanding, which brought us to a resolution of the matter. I was very impressed with your listening skills, which showed that you understood the situation. You did an excellent job in explaining the process, which helped to bring success to both parties. Again, thank you for your patience and professionalism.
- Ethel Jean Bradford

I appreciated your ability to listen patiently and your commitment to find a resolution. Thank you so much for your time and assistance.
- Arminda Au

You took the time to understand the details of my concerns while staying focused on the goal of bringing both parties to an agreement. Despite a complete impasse between the parties at the beginning of the process, in the end you mediated an agreement with which I am satisfied.
- Elizabeth Shoemaker

You conducted the mediation process in a professional and efficient manner while addressing all issues. While for me it was a difficult process to participate in, I appreciate your patience and understanding of all the circumstances and facts. Thank you for your insight and assistance.
- Sheila Fields

You were very pleasant to work with, knowledgeable and fair. Thanks again!
- Sandra Gotthelf

When I received notice from the court that I was being sued I was terrified. I prayed about it and in faith put it in God's hands. I'm positive that He used to you to accomplish His task of once again exceeding my expectations. Thank you so much for the results you have achieved. It was honestly a pleasure dealing with you. You've been wonderful.
- Brian Compton

We want to thank you for taking the time to listen to and wade through our issues. We liked the manner in which the mediation was held. You made sure all the issues were covered and ultimately addressed in the agreement. We want to thank you again for your assistance and guidance at the mediation.
- Ken Scott

You conducted yourself in a very professional way, were highly knowledgeable of the process, and had an incredible ability to ask the right questions to better understand the surrounding circumstances. I was completely impressed.
- Gwen Andrizzi

I appreciated your commitment to being neutral and your level-headedness. Kudos to you for choosing your noble profession. Thank you again.
- Michael Freund

You were able to make a breakthrough in communication with a party who would not respond whatsoever. The issues were stated, documented, followed up and followed through on, and it was a fair and honest settlement. I was kept informed as to the changing status as the process went along in a thorough, completely professional manner. Again, Talin, thank you so very much. I appreciated your intervention to resolve the issues and would recommend your services to anyone.
- Michael Rosoff

You were professional and the mediation process went smoothly.
- Khan Varnishung

It was a pleasure having you as my mediator. You were fair with the amount of time each of us had to summarize our complaint and you reviewed each side accurately. You were not too firm nor were you at all harsh. All parties remained calm which is what I felt was great about this process. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive thinking the other party might get a bit out of control prior to starting. I think your demeanor assisted in keeping the tone relaxed and comfortable. Thank you.
- Sherry Ramos

This was my first experience using a mediator and I must say you were very professional and provided excellent service. You have set the bar pretty high should I ever have to use the service again! I think the main thing that I appreciated was how you brought the discussion back to the main point whenever it started to deviate into unproductive areas. Your demeanor was always fair and impartial and you made sure everyone was treated with respect. Thank You and God Bless!
- Andrea Steward

You are one of our best mediators. That was one of the best transformative mediations I've ever witnessed… You were perfect.
- EEO ADR Specialist for Federal Agency

I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the professionalism of Ms. Talin Bahadarian. The issues involved were contentious and with seven people in the room it was at times a very difficult task to keep the discussion on point and civil. Ms. Bahadarian did an exceptional job of controlling the situation and keeping the parties moving forward. The inability to reach an agreement was our fault and happened despite every effort to find common ground by Ms. Bahadarian. Her greatest asset was her realization that there is a time to push both sides and there is a time when you fold up the tents. By allowing the discussion to die a natural death this allowed both sides to address their concerns without falling victim to frustration. When the meeting ended yesterday both sides shook hands and left the meeting with the knowledge they were given a fair chance to present their side of the story.
- Federal Agency Labor Relations Supervisor

You’re our Superstar, our Kobe Bryant, our Mediator Extraordinaire.
- Management Analyst and ADR Coordinator for Federal Agency

Thank you again for the great job you did! I had little hope for that case. I’m impressed…really really impressed. You’re truly amazing.
- EEO ADR Specialist for Federal Agency

I had heard about you from everyone, but you’re really really good. I always have some critique to provide, but in this instance, I don’t. You’re one of the best I’ve seen.
- EEO Dispute Resolution Manager for Federal Agency

You are so amazing! I don’t know how you can keep a cool for so long. You listen and paraphrase so well! I so appreciate all that you do!!!
- EEO ADR Specialist for Federal Agency

Talin has worked her magic again…she is superb.
- Federal Agency Employee Representative

You are the epitome of what it means to be a good mediator...the best I've ever seen and a wonderful example!  I picked up some good strategies to help move other mediations in the right direction.   

- Federal Agency Employee Representative  

The mediation was very helpful for a person to understand why discipline was issued.
- Federal Agency Manager

Very professional and skilled mediator. Kept both parties on track. Great listener and has a lot of patience.
- Federal Agency Manager

This was my first mediation. You made it very easy for me and I found you very helpful.
- Federal Agency Manager

Talin is a highly effective mediator. This was a case in which a settlement was highly unlikely – and she managed to get both sides to come to a resolution.
- Federal Agency Legal Counsel

The mediator did excellent job of keeping both parties engaged in a productive dialogue and greatly assisted us in creating viable options for both parties.
- Federal Agency Legal Counsel

The mediator created an environment where both sides felt comfortable exchanging their views and disputes.
- Federal Agency Legal Counsel

Talin is a model mediator.
- Federal Agency Employee Representative

Talin was absolutely vital in assisting the parties in amicably settling and coming to a resolution agreeable to all involved.
- Federal Agency Employee Representative

The mediator opened my eyes to a civil way to argue my point.
- Federal Agency Employee

I felt it was a positive experience and an unbiased forum in which to discuss the issue. I have a better understanding of the process and management’s willingness to provide feedback.
- Federal Agency Employee