About Talin...

Since 2005, Talin Bahadarian has been a mediator, arbitrator, instructor, speaker and consultant in the field of alternative dispute resolution. She is passionate about helping people resolve conflict peacefully, often bringing resolution to long-standing and seemingly hopeless disputes. Through her persistence, she has obtained settlements that clients did not think were possible. Clients have found much needed relief and new found hope after entrusting their situation into Talin's caring and capable hands.

Talin first became fascinated with the values of mediation while attending law school at U.C. Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law.  After being admitted to the California State Bar, she quickly became recognized as a gifted mediator, becoming particularly known for successfully mediating workplace disputes for various Federal agencies. 

In addition to employment mediation, she has mediated disputes related to Real Estate, Construction, Family, Divorce,  Merchant-Consumer, Landlord-Tenant, Personal Injury, Domestic Violence, Civil Harassment, Fraud, Identity Theft, Business Partnerships, Malpractice, Boundary lines, Attorney-Client fees, Contracts, Religious conflicts and Transgender issues. 

Talin has now mediated over 300 disputes for such agencies and entities as: the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, United States Postal Service, Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and Peace Talks. In addition to mediating, she is an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau and Los Angeles County Bar Association.

She has trained over 1800 aspiring mediators in the art of mediation, serving as a regular instructor for such premier mediation education providers as the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Consumer Affairs of Los Angeles County.

Talin has assisted in restructuring and updating the training material for various local mediation organizations, and has served as a coach for mediation classes at UCLA School of Law, a consultant to mediation organizations in transition, a speaker at the Southern California Mediation Association’s annual conference, an evaluator for organizations seeking to screen and assess incoming mediators, and a mentor to young attorneys seeking to begin a mediation practice. 

In addition to serving her community through the legal profession, Talin enjoys traveling with her family, working with special needs children and being involved at her church.